In the press: Brexit and the tech industry

Last updated on April 15th, 2020

With the “Brexit” and “Bremain” campaigns both in full flow, Tech Radar Pro examines how leaving the European Union (EU) could impact the UK’s technology industry.How will Brexit affect the UK technology industry?

Migration, the economy, investment and data laws are all considerations, as the vote draws closer. One of the concerns highlighted by QuoStar CEO Robert Rutherford is the skills shortage. Something the UK is already suffering from despite free movement throughout the European Union at the moment. This skills shortage is particularly apparent in the technology arena and these businesses could face further issues.

Will it be harder to employ skilled IT professionals from inside the EU? Can London remain a digital capital of Europe despite being outside of the EU? How will the vote change the future of tech? These are all questions a potential Brexit is raising amongst tech professionals.

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