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We’re here to help growing businesses improve operations and achieve their goals.

Our team of consultants, technical architects and engineers have worked with small, medium and large businesses and have taken many through significant growth trajectories. IT is always at the heart of the growth and it’s our experience and lessons learnt that deliver positive results.

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Success stories

See how we have helped other growing businesses to achieve their goals.

medical reporting organisation automation case study

Medical Reporting Organisation

QuoStar developed several bespoke automation solutions for the organisation, dramatically increasing the capacity of the team without the need for further hires.

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288 Group

QuoStar migrated a Dorset-based group to Microsoft Azure, providing them with the scalability and reliability they needed to serve a fast-growing customer base.

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secure communications for a large multinational operation
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Global Organisation

QuoStar selected and deployed a secure communications solution for a multinational organisation, preventing 'man-in-the-middle' attacks, corporate espionage and other third party monitoring.

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Why Quostar

We are an IT company who focus on business outcomes.

When businesses grow, they need experienced professionals to both support and drive the change they need. Our in-depth and proven experience of applying the right people, process and technology at the right time, to overcome challenges and to exploit opportunities makes all the difference. We can overcome any technical or business challenge put in front of us, and we’ll always guarantee the outcome.

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QuoStar has been providing IT support for rapid-growth, ambitious businesses since 2005.

We understand that managing a growing business is exciting, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Things move at an incredibly fast pace; you need to be able to make the right decisions that will deliver a positive impact, rapidly respond to customer demands whilst also balancing operational and culture change.

As a result, they need a robust, secure and highly available IT environment which can easily flex as demand ramps up whilst still delivering optimal performance. They need to be able to focus entirely on their business, without the worry or stress of potential IT failures.

QuoStar delivers the enterprise-grade IT systems and services growing businesses need in order to not only continue their success but go beyond it. Our 24x7x365 IT support, security systems, continual improvement management systems, and proven processes remove the concern of IT failure, allowing growing businesses to focus on what they know best – their business.

Whether you are looking to get increased value from your IT budget, are seeking IT solutions which will help to increase customer engagement and satisfaction, need access to data which will enable you to make better business decisions, or need infrastructure which will increase productivity and efficiency levels, we can help.

What is your challenge?