IT Roadmaps

There is a growing misconception that Digital Transformation is simply about buying the latest technology, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Technology is just one part of this complex journey and it can only deliver with a clearly defined purpose and goal. At QuoStar, our consultants support businesses who want to undertake digital transformation by joining the dots to create a realistic journey. They then support them on that journey to ensure they achieve their goals – such as streamlining operations and improving customer engagement – to exceed peers.

How can our consultants help you with your digital transformation?

  • Audit and gap analysis – Gain a clear vision of your current environment and understand your strategic position among your peers so you can make informed decisions to improve your market position.
  • Strategy and roadmap creation – Our consultants use their knowledge of your current business strategy and the competitive landscape to create a bespoke, strategic roadmap. Projects are prioritised on their business case, so you will be in the best position to achieve your goals.
  • Implementation support – Creating the plan is just the first step, but it’s effectively useless without the correct execution. If required, QuoStar will be with you every step of the way to ensure projects are managed effectively and deliver strategic outcomes without risk.
  • Ongoing strategic review and support – Successful digital transformation relies on continual improvement. We don’t just deliver a one-off strategy; our consultants can work in partnership to ensure the strategy continues to deliver for you and supports your goals, flexing to any change in requirements, competitors, or the wider business landscape.
Vendor and Systems Selection

QuoStar’s vendor and systems selection consulting helps you procure the best-fitting solutions for your business, based on the business case. We analyse available vendors, negotiate on your behalf, and shortlist the solutions which are best aligned to the results you need.

QuoStar’s vendor and systems selection consultancy can include:

  • Full requirements analysis and scoping – We gather and document information from key stakeholders on your project goals, and also evaluate technical requirements where needed. Your strategic goals are kept at the project’s core, guaranteeing a solution that fits.
  • Commercial negotiations – We liaise with suppliers and partners on a contractual and commercial basis, using our detailed marketplace knowledge to get the best deal, service and delivery.
  • Implementation support – Once a solution is chosen, we can assist with implementation to ensure project success.
  • Ongoing vendor management – We can continue working with the solution’s vendor to ensure they meet their obligations.
Cost Analysis and Value Creation

Typically a business leader has a gut feeling that they are paying too much for IT services and systems – or that they’re not getting the return they should from their spend, in both hard and soft costs. QuoStar can deliver concrete facts on what your business is getting for its money and also where you can get a better return on your spend. If required, our expert teams can also deliver any necessary projects.

QuoStar’s cost analysis and value creation assessments can include:

  • Benchmarking against peers – As sector specialists, we are best placed to evaluate how your technologies, systems, and IT services stack up in relation to your competitors and peers, both in terms of business results and costs.
  • Audits – We can undertake comprehensive audits of your IT-related hard and soft costs, giving you concise information to make informed business decisions.
  • Building a business case – When we’ve identified areas of unrealised value within your IT estate, we can then give you a clear-costed justification plus a roadmap to deliver a greater return.
  • Project scoping and definition – We thoroughly scope and define IT-related projects to ensure vendors, internal teams, and business leaders fully understand what’s to be delivered and the outcomes to expect.
  • Implementation support – We are happy to take ownership of the entire transformation project or simply assist your internal IT and management teams.
Mergers and Acquisitions

With many markets consolidating, mergers and acquisitions continue to be a strategic tool for growth, but many deals fail to achieve the expected business value and some fail completely. QuoStar’s merger and acquisition support consultancy provides you with the necessary guidance on delivering M&A projects, whilst helping eliminate painful areas of integration.

How can QuoStar’s consultants help with your merger or acquisition?

  • Pre-evaluation – We sanity check your planned expansion, assessing whether your current systems have the capacity and capability to deal with the expansion.
  • Defining success – We define what the project’s success factors look like and deliver these at every stage.
  • Scoping and planning – The step-by-step process of integration is established and documented, thereby providing you with a clear pathway to success.
  • Auditing and assessments – We identify and assess incompatibilities between you and your acquisition’s systems to ensure the smoothest possible integration.
  • Migration, integration and implementation – We can assist with all IT elements of your M&A project, delivering optimally and reducing risk.
IT Project Support

We help businesses to navigate complex IT projects, ensuring they deliver the right outcomes. QuoStar’s project managers, consultants, and engineers provide complete support throughout, from initial discussions with stakeholders through to continual strategic advice and guidance post-project.

How can our consultants support your IT project?

  • Evaluating the business case – Our consultants understand the business’s overall objectives to ensure projects are being undertaken for the right reasons and will deliver the expected results.
  • Project scoping and definition – We can assess where you are and create the necessary documentation for a successful project, determining the specific project goals by liaising with key stakeholders, as well as the deliverables, tasks, costs, and deadlines.
  • Implementation support – We can support businesses through solution installations, migrations, configurations, testing, and user training.
  • Vendor management – Using our vast marketplace knowledge and experience, we can ensure that vendors are delivering and meeting their contractual obligations.
  • Post-implementation support – The conversation doesn’t end at the go-live date. QuoStar can continue to support you with vendor management, troubleshooting, and strategic advice.
  • Turn around failing projects – Things don’t always go to plan. If your project has slowed, is running over agreed timelines or just not delivering as it should, we can step in to get things back on track. We can manage, assess and challenge third parties on your behalf, or our team can assume full responsibility instead.
Success Stories

“The QuoStar team were an important part of getting our new case and practice management solution delivered. Their values were in alignment with Blanchards Bailey’s, so our experience was very positive. QuoStar were very proactive, practical and easy to talk to. We recommend QuoStar for their experience, capabilities and diligence.”

Paul Dunlop

Head of Litigation & Dispute
Blanchards Bailey