In the press: Cybersecurity best practice for insurers

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Last updated on April 15th, 2020

As the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) announce the launch of a cyber committee dedicated to helping the insurance sector as how to create a successful security strategy for your insurance companya whole tackle the increasing numbers of security breaches, Robert Rutherford shares his insights on how life and health insurance providers can create a successful cybersecurity strategy that will protect their business and confidential data.

Rutherford, CEO of IT Support and consultancy firm QuoStar, says hackers are capitalising on the dated technology and legacy systems. An issue which has plagued the insurance industry for decades. However, there’s no need for insurers to revamp their entire IT systems to implement a successful cybersecurity strategy. In fact, technology is the last piece of the “cyber puzzle”.

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How vishing works: A real life example of a phone scam

The story At 27 minutes past 2 on a Monday afternoon, the phone on my desk rang. Picking it up I was greeted by Faye Langford (a name I was unfamiliar with) asking if she could speak to the company’s CEO, Robert Rutherford. She said she was calling from one of our suppliers (which has […]