When should you consider an outsourced IT help desk for your business?

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April 11th, 2018

when should you consider an it help desk

As a growing business, you may already have an IT help desk in-house. While this is beneficial, as internal employees know system configurations and common issues to look out, is there a time when an organisation should consider an outsourced IT help desk?

Now, outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of your internal team and replacing them with a remote third party – although some business may choose that option. More often than not outsourcing is about providing additional and enhanced IT support.

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In need of extra support?

If your help desk staff are completely overwhelmed by call volume, then outsourcing is definitely a good option to consider. If this sounds like your business, then you may be able to organise it in such a way that the outsourced IT provider functions as a secondary help desk.

In this scenario, the outsourced IT help desk would only handle first-tier support issues, such as forgotten passwords, or they would pick up the excess call volume. This is beneficial because it allows the organisation to retain their in-house expertise, whilst their employees benefit from a more manageable workload and potentially enhanced career progression.

Full outsourcing?

An outsourced IT help desk is also something to consider if your business has outsourced all other IT operations. In this situation, a business is no longer managing their own IT operations and moving the help desk to an outsourced provider can help you to break free from the last parts of in-house IT.

Of course, there’s no right way when it comes to structuring your IT, it depends on your overall business strategy and what you’re looking to achieve. While some growing businesses will do best with a mixture of in-house and third-party IT support, others will choose to outsource the entirety of their IT environment and operations so they can focus on other areas. A good place to start is a consultation with an independent third party who review your business strategy and how your current IT operations align with it.

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