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The legal sector is undergoing rapid change, but with QuoStar’s expert consultants and managed services your firm can leverage this change and become a true-standout in your field.

Our services are specifically tailored to the legal sector and are designed to provide clear, measurable results. From process optimisation and business dashboards, through to mobile working and legal cloud platforms, we offer a wide range of services which can bring guaranteed value to your firm.

With QuoStar your firm will benefit from:

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity
  • Improved Profit Margins
  • Total Security
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Complete Peace Of Mind
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Let our legal-sector focused consultants show how your firm can increase efficiency, productivity and operations, with QuoStar's IT Essentials Audit.

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Legal Ignite

QuoStar's purpose-built legal cloud platform, designed specifically for the small to mid market law firm. Built from the ground up by our expert focused consultants, our cloud platform combines the best of breed hardware and legal software and is designed to meet all your firm's IT requirements on a simple per-user, per-month fee.

Strategic Support

Our highly-experienced, legal sector focused consultants can ensure your firm remains innovative, agile and competitive by aligning your business objectives with the right IT strategy

Outsourcing for Legal Firms

Tailor the exact IT outsourcing service your firm requires, allowing your internal IT team to focus on delivering added value

Legal Cloud

With many year’s-experience and knowledge of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, we can deliver a cloud platform which is highly secure, robust and proven, and which will meet the demands of your firm

Technology Selection

We use our knowledge and expertise to assess and clarify all options on the market, and help you select the right legal technology for your firm

Print Solutions

Quality, professional managed print solutions designed to meet the needs of a modern firm, whilst delivering greater security, efficiency, compliance and control

Workflow Improvement

Our expert analysts will help improve workflow across the board, allowing your firm to optimise crucial resources, maximise profitability and stay one step ahead of the competition

Practice and Case Management Systems

We’ll work with you to get more from your existing systems or help you identify your firm’s requirements and select new ones

Tailored Security Solutions

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our security systems, specifically designed to protect against identified and unknown risks in the legal sector, and aid compliance

Bespoke Mentoring Service

We work with firms of all sizes to increase the knowledge and expertise of IT staff and partners, and you can choose whether you’d like ongoing advice or support for a one-off project

Document Management Solutions

Protect the integrity and confidentiality of your firm’s documents, reduce waste and ultimately increase productivity

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Prepare your firm for any type of disruption, with our expertise we can the find the best-fit solution between your requirements and budget

Mobile Working

Enable your employees to work efficiently and effectively, from anywhere at anytime

The perfect partnership – Our analysts and consultants will work with your firm’s expertise, experience and relationships to deliver a tailored IT strategy which will truly provide you with a competitive edge