QuoStar announces new CIO Service headed by Chris White

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Last updated on April 14th, 2020

QuoStar, the leading IT consultancy, has today announced the launch of its Chief Information Officer (CIO) Service. The new service will bring the expertise and skills of proven, seasoned and world-class senior IT leaders to a wide range of businesses that do not currently have these resources in-house.

The CIO will bridge the gap between the business and technology; giving a company board insight, vision and understanding of how their business is truly performing. This will then typically lead to change projects to deliver desired strategic objectives, from an increased margin and customer loyalty, right through to M&A and general expansion.

Where IT teams are already in place the CIO can act as a mentor to the team and company board. Where there is no IT team the CIO can work with the board and with existing or new suppliers to deliver the right value to the business.

The new service will be headed by former Global CIO of Clyde & Co., Chris White, who joins QuoStar to lead the CIO Service. Chris needs very little introduction to the IT world. He is an internationally renowned CIO with over twenty years’ experience within legal and financial institutions.

Robert Rutherford, CEO of QuoStar, comments:

“IT is the main area that virtually every business can use to gain an advantage over their competitors. The issue is that many business decisions and changes which involve IT are frozen due to a lack of trust or understanding from board members. Chris and I have worked together for some time and he’s the perfect person to remove this uncertainty and to deliver business results for our current and future clients. Chris’s experience, success and integrity need no introduction – I’m delighted he’s leading the CIO Service, he’s a perfect fit for us.”

Chris White, Head of QuoStar’s CIO Service, says:

“Today technology is essential to the success of every business and will only become more critical. Having access to a resource that can help a business select and maximise the benefit they get from their technology investment is vitally important but beyond the means of many businesses. The Chief Information Officer Service plugs this gap and allows everyone to have access to expertise that to date only the largest organisations have been able to access. I very much look forward to leading the team that can provide this innovative service.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our CIO Service can help you can Click Here.

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