QuoStar adds new data centres to its network

/ IT Consultancy
December 12th, 2014

quostar adds new data centres to network

QuoStar delivers cloud services from multiple, highly secure and compliant UK data centres. The latest additions are purpose-built, ex-Ministry of Defence facilities that are armoured, nuclear bomb-proof, military specified fortresses.

In addition to this unequalled level of security and redundancy, the new data centre has the ability to support high levels of power, cooling and stringent access control procedures.

The facilities benefit from 3m thick reinforced concrete walls, solid steel doors, CCTV systems with 24-hour video recording, visual verification of all persons entering the data floors, no unescorted access, Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) protection, Tempest RFI intrusion protection, shared or dedicated partitioned areas, and redundant power and cooling

The new data centres are based outside of London. Although London is the second-largest internet exchange in the world, it is also one of the highest risk cities. Flood, terrorism, theft and power are all real and present threats.

These additional hosting facilities boast:

  • Ultra-secure – The state-of-the-art data centres are ex-Ministry of Defence command and control facilities that provide an ultra-secure environment for your systems.
  • Ultra-available – Dual-delivery capabilities can provide you with 100% up-time – in addition to auto-failover.
  • ISO 27001 compliant – All data centres extend QuoStar’s own ISO status. A data centre’s accreditation is nothing if the company running the services from them is not.
  • Full EMP and Tempest Shielded data floors – Top tier protection for cabinets and the hardware situated within them.
  • Infrared CCTV with 24-hour video – Top tier video surveillance systems covering all cabinets and points of access
  • G-Cloud compliant data centre – Accredited to work with government agencies
  • Escorted access – During any visit, QuoStar’s engineers, will be escorted to ensure systems and data are guarded at physical levels.

All of the above results in the UK’s most secure data centre. At QuoStar we wouldn’t accept anything less.

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