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Hosted SharePoint.

Use our SharePoint platform to gain control of your information

Improve collaboration and productivity across your entire organisation with QuoStar Hosted SharePoint. Our service enables your employees to access information easily from a central portal, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

QuoStar Hosted SharePoint delivers all the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint, but without the complexity and expense of installing, managing, securing and supporting it. We deliver a highly secure environment where employees can quickly locate resources, manage content, share documents, oversee workflows and make better informed business decisions.

We don’t resell the services of larger providers. We built our own Hosted SharePoint platform, allowing us to tailor our service to suit your unique business needs and deliver personalised, 24x7x365 support from our expert team as required.

Business benefits

  • Work seamlessly on documents online and offline through SkyDrive
  • Build internal intranets to bring teams closer together
  • Build project sites to drive collaboration and track progress all the way to delivery
  • Reduce your exposure to risk by better managing documents, processes and intelligence

Key features

  • A consumption-based pricing model with no hidden costs
  • Hosted in QuoStar’s multiple, highly available UK data centres
  • Comprehensive, enterprise-level security
  • Easy integration with other cloud services
  • A fast and powerful search engine that can locate resources using metadata
  • Document libraries that support co-authoring, versioning, check-in and check-out
  • Full administration by your business as needed

Optional additions

  • QuoStar Hosted Exchange
  • QuoStar Hosted Desktop G4
  • QuoStar Hosted Lync
  • QuoStar Mail Control Suite: SPAM\Anti-Virus, Archiving and Content Filtering

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