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Mergers and acquisitions continue to be a strategic tool for business growth, but many deals fail to achieve the business value intended or in some cases fail completely.

IT plays a key role in achieving success, but failing to properly integrate the IT infrastructure correctly can impact the delivery timeline and affect your business on the bottom line.

QuoStar has a wealth of experience in analysing, advising, producing plans and implementing changes quickly that enable rapid returns from combining the best parts of a business through IT systems and services rationalisation.

Using a proven and precise schedule, we reorganise and restructure your IT environment to streamline operations. This enables your business to gain the full value of your merger or acquisition.

Our Merger & Acquisition support services typically follow a key four-step plan:

  1. A senior consultant will meet with your management team to obtain a deeper understanding of your acquisition or merger, and the business goals you are aiming to accomplish with the move
  2. We will carry out an in-depth audit of the company you are acquiring to understand their current technologies, and how they will fit with your organisation.
  3. Our consultants use these findings to design a detailed plan for the seamless migration and integration of systems, technologies and processes, identifying any potential issues or pain points before anything is implemented.
  4. We take full responsibility and accountability for the migration and integration process. Our team specialises in zero downtime migrations, ensuring the transformation process is as pain-free as possible.

The benefits

  • A strategy aligned with your business operations which supports the achievement of your goals
  • Highly experienced and qualified senior consultants who understand your vision and objectives
  • A clearly defined timeline for IT integration
  • Meticulously planned strategy and integration processes with the risks identified upfront
  • Obtain greater value from your merger or acquisition

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