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QuoStar has been delivering cloud consultancy for over 10 years, and our 5th generation cloud platforms are secure, robust and proven.

Our senior cloud consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in designing, building and delivering public, private and hybrid cloud platforms. So we are expertly placed to help you to find the right solution for your business.

With our cloud consulting services we provide support through your whole journey from research, through to strategy and execution. Our approach ensures your business benefits fully from the agility, scalability and performance cloud can offer.

We work in partnership with you to ensure we fully understand how your business operates and what your cloud requirements are. Our vendor-neutral approach means that we focus on finding the right solution. Instead of being tied to a particular service or vendor – which may not fit your business needs.

Cloud Audits

Whether you are already operating in the cloud or considering a move to the platform, our expert consultants can ensure your solution is fit for purpose, cost-effective and secure. Once we have an understanding of your business we will analyse your requirements down to a granular level, and present our findings and best-practice recommendations to you.

Vendor Selection

The number of cloud technologies, services and contracts available can make research alone a nightmare, let alone the selection process. Our experienced cloud consultants help you cut through the jargon to identify the right vendor for your needs.

Cloud Strategy

Our consultants can assist you in creating a cloud strategy which supports your business today and for the long-term. We will examine your business requirements from every angle. From liaising with senior management on corporate strategy to conducting a deep analysis of your current platform, we can help you build you build a comprehensive cloud strategy, aligned with your business plans.

Cloud Migrations

Cloud adoption is a huge undertaking for any business. We specialise in zero downtime migrations, ensuring that your move to the cloud is as seamless and pain-free as possible. Our rigorous schedule of planning, documentation and testing ensures our consultants anticipate any potential problems.

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