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Every business conducts activities which require guaranteed levels of privacy.

QuoStar’s suite of secure communications solutions ensures that your business can exchange information securely and communicate with advisors, suppliers or customers across the globe without the threat of prying eyes.

We advise and assist businesses in securing their business environment, allowing them to protect their own and their clients’ information and conversations. With our experience in deploying secure communications solutions on a global level, QuoStar clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing their information will be protected wherever they go.

Secure Communications from QuoStar

We offer a host of systems and solutions for the provision of secure communications including:

  • Consultancy
    • We understand that security is paramount for any business, and we are able to advise and assist in protecting your information and communications across your whole organisation. Whether you require advice on best practice or a globally secure telecommunications infrastructure, QuoStar can deliver.
  • Private Security
    • We enable private individuals and those with a high net worth to protect their personal information wherever they are in the world, including calls, messages and emails.
  • Secure Mobile Devices
    • Whether you use your mobile device for calls, emails, messaging or all of the above, QuoStar can protect you. Some of the options available, and currently in use by QuoStar clients, include Secure Voice, Messaging and Video.
  • Secure Voice Solutions
    • A large majority of business is still conducted by phone and keeping these conversations private is something QuoStar takes seriously. We provide secure voice communications across multiple devices and platforms so you can conduct your conversations in the manner that best suits you, confident that no one else is listening in.
  • Mobile Security
    • With employees accessing emails and data on devices like phones, tablets and laptops, mobile security is a top priority. QuoStar can assist in securing and protecting these devices, whether they are company owned or employee-owned (BYOD).
  • Information Security
    • With your information constantly at risk, it is important to protect it in transit and at rest. QuoStar can assist in the protection of your information, working in line with global industry standards such as ISO 27001.
  • Solution Design
    • We design solutions which not only meet your needs today but align with your strategic development plans for the future. By engaging with your organisation at all levels, from the end users up to the Directors and Board, we are able to deliver solutions which meet your needs and your users’ requirements.
  • Security Evaluation
    • QuoStar will analyse your current environment to highlight current threats and how to protect against them.
  • Security Training
    • Training on current infrastructure, showing how to utilise it effectively, or training on new, improved security solutions. This will ensure you operate your systems in the most effective and secure fashion.

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