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The need to backup critical data, ensure regulatory compliance and harness the power of big data means the demand for storage is increasing exponentially.

As your business continues to grow and generate more data, storage only becomes a bigger problem. QuoStar can help you modernise your data storage to become more agile, cost-efficient and flexible enough to deal with fluctuating demand.

We take an advisory approach, focused on not only finding the best fit solution for your business but ensuring that it continues to perform optimally as your needs develop. Our expert consultants, who are responsible for designing and building QuoStar’s systems, also specialise in deploying complex storage solutions for businesses of all sizes, using both existing systems and technologies where appropriate.

Our data storage services include:

  • The complete design and build of storage platforms to suit any business requirement
  • Troubleshooting and remedying data storage issues
  • Data storage audits to streamline management
  • Storage platform audits to compare your platforms to best practice guidelines and provide recommendations for improvements
  • Ensuring data storage solutions are resilient and data is highly available
  • Streamlined and effective storage replication to ensure reliability
  • Deploying and integrating cloud services as required to support business needs

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