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With QuoStar’s private cloud you get all the agility, scalability and efficiency of the cloud, with the increased control, security and flexibility that comes from a single-tenant, dedicated environment.

Private cloud is ideal for those businesses who require robust database and storage requirements. Or who need greater security in order to comply with industry-specific regulations.

QuoStar delivers custom-engineered private cloud platforms, built from the ground up by our own experienced team, which can rapidly scale to the needs of any organisation. Our platforms are extremely flexible and configurable in terms of operating systems, storage, applications, access, security and continuity, and can be easily integrated with other applications and systems. We can customise your platform down to a granular level, and build in additional resources and functionality as your business grows and needs change.

At QuoStar we pride ourselves on our personalised approach to private cloud. Our cloud engineers work with you on a continual basis, to build a deep understanding of your environment and your requirements, to ensure the solutions we deliver are the right fit. All backed up by our stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and 24x7x365 support from our Service Desk team.

The benefits of private cloud

  • A cloud platform built to your own specifications
  • Access to cloud engineers who fully understand your business and your private cloud
  • Only pay for the recourses and software you use
  • Easily scale up resources, like storage and computing, on demand
  • Adopt bespoke features such as dedicated firewalls or full server management
  • Strict Service Level Agreements and 24x7x365 support
  • Flat per resource, per month pricing model
  • Easier collaboration between teams and sites (locally, nationally or globally)

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