QuoStar named as one of the UK’s most ambitious businesses

Last updated on April 16th, 2020

IT support and consultancy firm QuoStar have received an award for ambition. The firm, whose operational headquarters are in Bournemouth, has been named as one of the UK’s most ambitious companies in the southern region.

This award is unique because no company could put themselves forward or receive a nomination. Instead, more than 5000 companies in the south of England were researched against a set of measures. Accountants Baker Tilly, law firm Rawlison Butler, and consultants Endgame Insight independently assessed these. The criteria for the award included:

  • A desire to build a business of some significance, to be a leader rather than a follower.
  • An ability to think, and act, strategically as well as operationally and opportunistically.
  • A desire and willingness to build a strong management team.
  • A shaker of traditional beliefs’ to achieve success.
  • A skillful perpetuator and up-dater of traditional beliefs to achieve/sustain competitive advantage.
  • An organization which is determined to continually develop new standards in terms of process, practice and delivery.
  • Demonstration of a will to succeed despite obstacles

“The criteria include a desire to build a business of some significance, to be a leader rather than a follower, and an ability to think, and act, strategically,” explained Jon Da Costa, a partner at Baker Tilly. At the award presentation, Tim Sadka, a partner at Rawlison Butler said that an ambitious company has a determination to succeed regardless of any obstacles.

Ambitious - QuoStar-bw

Robert Rutherford, QuoStar CEO, receives The South’s Most Ambitious Companies award from Jon Da Costa, a partner at accountants Baker Tilly (right), and Tim Sadka, a partner at law firm Rawlison Butler (left), at a presentation held at Fetcham Park, Leatherhead.

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