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Even when you’re passionate about IT it can be difficult to get others in your business to see the real value.

At QuoStar a core percentage of our clients are IT Managers, and our strong technical and strategic background – at Director and Consultant level – means we understand the challenges IT Managers can face on a daily basis. From budgetary constraints and a lack of board level support through to time-consuming maintenance and a mounting project list, the day to day demands can place quite a strain on IT Managers.

Gaining additional technical resources and expertise can help you to achieve your organisation’s goals, and we offer both complementary and fully outsourced IT services. We support IT Managers and teams in a number of ways, including both day-to-day operations and strategic long-term planning. Whether you require daily support, absence and holiday cover, or additional expertise for projects QuoStar’s technical consulting and support teams can help.

We deliver additional expertise when you need it, giving you on-demand access to niche skills or the ability to boost your technical expertise. IT Managers can quickly gain access to skills and operations which are already in line with industry best practice, backed by experience and care.

With the support you need in place, you can focus on the parts of your role you love and demonstrate to the business that IT really is an enabler – not just a cost.

"They listened to the challenge we were facing and got straight to work with me on a complete resolution."

Mike Worth - Head of IT, Phillips Solicitors

"In the 15 years I have worked at DEK never have we installed something without even a grumble, until now. The project was flawless, from engagement to delivery"

Steve Sheriff - Global Infrastructure Manager, DEK

"The migration process from Exchange 2003 to 2010 was well planned out as always with QuoStar and was a pain free process."

John Bassinder - IT Manager, 288 Group

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