In the press: The future of cloud computing

Last updated on July 31st, 2018

Originally published on Mail Online.

cloud environment for business

While the ‘cloud’ is not new, it is big business. Providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google are spending billions on their cloud infrastructure, and some commentators believe the cloud computing market could be worth more than £312 billion by 2020.

Cloud services offer greater flexibility to businesses of all sizes. When a firm wants to upgrade its software, it can simply run it online. If its local network runs out of storage, it doesn’t need to buy new servers it can rent space from an infrastructure provider. However, the question for investors is how they can get in on this boom.

In this article from the Mail Online, Robert Rutherford, CEO of tech consultancy QuoStar, comments on the future of cloud computing and why the service is beneficial for businesses.

According to Rutherford, there are strong opportunities. “Cloud is now the main method for delivering IT. It’s not some fad such as cryptocurrency. The benefits are proven and helping drive business growth.”

Read the article in full on the Mail Online.

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