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Private cloud offers all the traditional cost and scalability benefits of cloud, with the increased flexibility, security and performance that comes from having your own dedicated resource. Private cloud is also often better suited for business workloads compared to generic public cloud platforms, such as Azure or AWS.

Until the 31st of March, businesses who sign up for QuoStar’s private cloud get their first 6 months of hosting in our 12 years proven, 5th generation private cloud environment completely free*. So, whether you're considering new or additional cloud-based services, looking to migrate from your existing platform, or even looking for a completely new environment, let QuoStar handle your migration and platform management, whilst you focus on your business priorities.

Hosted Desktop

Keep delivering the performance you need whilst lowering your cost overhead with a ‘thin client’ setup, improving flexibility and providing superior control over your environment.

  • Lowers hardware requirements
  • Flexibly satisfies resource requirements for running applications
  • Simplifies management of user profiles
  • Improves accessibility and remote working capabilities

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Throw off the shackles of managing the IT side of your Business Continuity with a cloud-based replica of your IT environment, ready to take over the moment a disaster strikes.

  • Simplifies Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Restores IT solutions within minutes or seconds of a disaster striking
  • Removes the risk of lengthy downtime caused by IT outages
  • Protects your business' reputation

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Eliminate the time-consuming backup process and protect against data loss by utilising QuoStar’s resilient cloud-based backup solution to protect your business.

  • Frees up valuable time spent on traditional backup and recovery
  • Replicates data locally and continually to prevent extensive loss
  • Keeps data secure in the event of a disaster
  • Fully compliant with common regulatory obligations

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Realise true efficiency, cost and management gains by hosting key infrastructure elements ranging from a single server to your entire environment in our secure cloud environment.

  • Takes the pressure off existing infrastructure
  • Lowers running costs, enabling investment in other systems
  • Frees up time spent on maintenance and configuration
  • Removes the need to sweat assets beyond their usable life

Why choose QuoStar

14+ years cloud experience

Highly Experienced.

We have over 14 years’ experience delivering cloud services to businesses. Our cloud consultants, each with at least a decade of experience, have designed, built, deployed and managed all types of cloud platforms - public, private and hybrid - for business, both small and large, on a global level.

analyst first background

Focused on Partnership.

Our focus on creating long-lasting relationships which work on the basis of partnership, not profits puts us in a unique position where we can offer solutions which are in everyone’s best interests. This lets us ensure satisfaction and genuine added value at the end of any project.

de-risk cloud

De-Risk Business Decisions.

Security, availability, management and costs – these are all concerns for businesses considering cloud hosting. We use a proven combination which we’ve built up over the years of strategy, thorough planning and rigorous testing to ensure your transition is seamless. All backed up by our Outcome Assured™ guarantee.

a business focused eye

Business Focused.

Unlike many providers, we don’t simply focus on the technology. Instead, we work with your business to build a strategy that ensures you’re migrating for the right reasons and to the right environment. If private cloud turns out to not fit your needs, we’ll look at public cloud, on-premise or hybrid alternatives.

Limited offer ends 31st March

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Offer only applicable to companies located in the UK.
*Offer is subject to standard terms and conditions, please contact QuoStar to discuss further.