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Are you considering a move to the cloud?

For a limited time, QuoStar is offering up to five free days of consultancy* to kickstart your cloud migration. Whether you're looking to migrate from your existing platform, considering cloud-based services or looking for a completely new environment, let QuoStar handle your migration so you can focus on business growth.

What type of cloud migration are you interested in?

Benefits of migrating to the cloud


Effectively deal with unpredictable demand and easily accommodate for planned business growth. Cloud’s flexible nature helps your business to remain operationally agile, so you can deploy innovative applications and services with ease, further differentiating from competitors.


Obtain peace of mind with enhanced security as standard. With built-in resiliency, high availability and protection at the infrastructure level, the risk of a data breach or loss is minimised.

Cost Effective

Gain access to the power and performance of enterprise-grade IT infrastructure, without the cost and hassle of maintaining and developing the environment yourself. Cloud's subscription model also helps you control and budget costs more effectively.

How you can use your free migration

Hosted Infrastructure

Take the pressure off existing infrastructure and reduce capital expenditure by moving to the cloud.

  • Get the most from your existing IT infrastructure
  • No longer sweat assets, like servers and desktops, beyond their productive life
  • Efficient and flexible way to satisfy changing IT demands
  • Free up valuable resources from having to manage complex IT infrastructure demand
  • Scalable platform that supports increased demand without compromising on performance
  • Host your infrastructure or desktops with QuoStar’s dedicated private cloud or an enterprise cloud offering such as Microsoft Azure

An ideal first step to move from on-premise into the cloud.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Throw off the shackles of managing the IT side of your Business Continuity by having a replica of your IT environment sat in the cloud, ready to take over in minutes if a disaster strikes.

  • Dramatically simplify your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery management processes
  • Get your IT solutions back online within minutes of a disaster striking
  • Remove the risk of expensive downtime caused by IT outages
  • Protect your business' reputation
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional Disaster Recovery and Continuity solutions

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Eliminate the time-consuming, intensive process of in-house data protection by moving to Backup as a Service (BaaS). QuoStar’s Backup as a Service is a resilient cloud-based backup solution which protects your business against unexpected data loss.

  • Free up valuable time and resources from having to manage physical tapes and take them offsite
  • Data is replicated in real time to a centralised cloud server
  • Dramatically reduce your business's risk profile - no longer worry about losing hours, or even days, worth of data
  • Can be automated to run at any time and as often as required, in line with any industry regulations
  • Cost effective way to ensure business continuity
  • Data remains available and secure in the event of a disaster, ensuring staff can continue working

Already running online backup? Use our offer to migrate to QuoStar’s Backup as a Service solution.

Office 365 Migration

Migrate to Office 365 for significant productivity gains against the traditional Microsoft Office suites. With access to new applications, such as Yammer, Teams, Skype for Business, you can dramatically improve collaboration and efficiency across the business.

  • A cost-effective approach, combining many services into a single fixed monthly cost
  • Simplifies and consolidates licences
  • Allows access to applications and company data from any location and device
  • Constantly updated to improve security, add new features and increase productivity
  • A familiar environment that your employees can start working with immediately

Why choose QuoStar

13+ years experience with cloud migrations
An analyst first approach to IT
De-risk cloud migrations
An business focused eye

Highly experienced.

We have been delivering cloud services for over 13 years. Our cloud consultants, each with at least a decade of experience, have designed, built, deployed and managed all types of cloud platforms for business, both small and large, across a broad range of industries.

Consultancy first.

Business analysis is the core of every interaction. We’re not interested in simply technology and jargon. We want to get to know your business, to understand your strategy, to learn your goals and objectives. So we can deploy and continually improve the solutions that will truly deliver value with your outcome guaranteed.

De-risk business decisions.

Security, availability, management and costs – these are all concerns for businesses considering a migration. We use a proven combination of strategy, thorough planning and rigorous testing to ensure your transition is seamless and your investment sound. Again, your outcome is guaranteed.

Business focused.

We deliver the solutions that produce the results your business wants and that can continue to deliver those results as you grow and change. Moving to the cloud is not a strategic aim itself, instead, we work in partnership with your business to build a strategy that ensures you’re migrating for the right reasons.

Limited offer ends 1st January 2019

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*Offer is subject to standard terms and conditions, please contact QuoStar to discuss further.