Cost Recovery and Value Enhancement Audit

Do you really know how much you are spending on your IT environment, and are you getting a financial return from that budget?

You may be happy with the costs on paper, but how do you know if you're getting a return from your IT spend?

  • Are you spending too much in one area, which could be better allocated and optimised for a greater return?
  • Are you spending too little in another, with knock effects leading to additional costs you may not have factored in?
  • Is money leaking out of your business due to inefficient processes, preventing you from being able to invest?

With QuoStar's Cost Recovery & Value Enhancement Audit, we will evaluate your spend in nine fundamental areas of your business.

We will uncover hidden costs, expose areas of lost value, and show you the risks that could have a significant financial impact.

We will also benchmark your IT spend against industry best practice and your peers so you know where you stand and if you can compete effectively.

At the end of the audit, you will receive a clear traffic light report stating where and how you can get increased value from your IT spend. This report is completely vendor, technology and supplier neutral. There is no obligation to use QuoStar for any recommended remedial actions. 

We're so confident we can make a difference so, as always, our Cost Recovery & Value Enhancement Audit is backed by our Outcome Assured™ guarantee.

If we don't find ways to make the audit cost neutral, then you only pay the difference.

Which areas will we audit?

We assess spend in nine fundamental areas of your business

IT Infrastructure

Review how you spend on hardware (e.g. servers, desktops and network devices)

Licences & Hardware

Review your software licence contracts and spend and evaluate against your current requirements. Review the vendor and warranty spend on hardware devices.


Review how you use phone and conferencing systems, and what you spend on them.


Review the predicted power costs in relation to IT. Evaluate the existing spend on power against other technical solutions.


Review your direct printing costs and the configuration of your printing systems for spend control.

Remote Working

Review the existing direct and soft costs. Evaluate the suitability of the current method of remote working against alternatives.

Network Connectivity

Evaluate the suitability of your network for your operations. Review your direct spend against the market.


Evaluate your spend against the service you receive.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Evaluate current spend against your recovery requirements to determine their suitability.

What results can you achieve from an audit?

By undertaking a Cost Recovery & Value Enhancement Audit businesses can achieve results such as:

  • More accurate forecasting, budgeting and reporting
  • A better understanding of the ROI of IT spend
  • Greater availability of budget for projects
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • A reduced risk profile
  • Reduced IT spend

If you would like to achieve results like this for your business then simply complete the short form to register interest in QuoStar's Cost Recovery & Value Enhancement Audit.

Remember, we guarantee the results. We're confident that we'll be able to find areas where your business could reduce spend or achieve greater value that at least equal the cost of the audit. If you don't then you'll only pay the difference under our Outcome Assured™ Guarantee.

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