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Ensuring that your data is stored, secured and managed effectively

Data storage is an ever-growing problem. Demand is increasing exponentially, driven by the need to back-up critical data, ensure regulatory compliance and harness the power of big data analytics. Today, every organisation dedicates a growing proportion of its IT spend to storage – making it essential to select the right solutions and manage costs effectively.

Storage is at the heart or our business: it underpins both our own cloud platform and the services we deliver. The same expert consultants who design and build our systems specialise in deploying complex solutions for clients of all sizes, using both existing systems and new technologies where appropriate. Typically, we consult on the following areas:

  • Design and Build: complete design and build of storage platforms to suit any business requirement
  • Troubleshooting: identification and remediation of storage issues
  • Data Storage Analysis: auditing data within your environment to streamline management
  • Storage Platform Audit: comparing your platforms to best practice guidelines and reporting on the findings
  • High Availability: ensuring storage solutions are resilient and data remains available
  • Replication: streamlined and effective storage replication to ensure┬áreliability
  • Cloud Integration: deploying cloud services as needed to support business needs

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