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A range of services to protect your business against current and potential security risks.

The tragedy is that the security dangers are very real. However, there’s been so much hysteria that anyone with any purchasing responsibility, recently, is probably confused by now and paralysed by indecision.

Whatever your systems and technologies, QuoStar can audit, assess and remedy your organisation’s current IT security vulnerabilities and potential future vulnerabilities. We will analyse to the minute level, if required, giving you a true picture of how secure you are from your internal and external threats.

Some of the areas that we cover are:

  • IT Security Auditing – high level or in-depth analysis of elements of or your entire IT systems, infrastructure policies and procedures by certified experts.
  • Data Leak Prevention – design and implementation of controls and systems to ensure that sensitive data and information does not leak from your environment.
  • Encryption – deployment of encryption systems to protect your business from embarrassing and costly incidents. From a lost laptop or mobile through to databases and email.
  • Employee Internet Management – design of control systems to ensure your business is not put at risk by your employee’s internet habits.
  • Patch Management – effective design and deployment of management policies and infrastructures to ensure your business is protected by maintaining security updates throughout your environment.
  • Security Awareness Training – engaging security training for your workforce to ensure they understand the risks their day to day activities pose to the business, and how they can keep your business secure.
  • EndPoint Security – ensuring that all network endpoints in your network are secure from a policy and technical perspective. Including all devices from laptops and desktops through to mobile devices.
  • Authentication Systems – design and deployment of authentication systems from 2-factor authentication, tokens and biometrics through to complex door entry and access systems.
  • Vulnerability Assessments – scheduled or one off vulnerability assessments against your internal and external systems with detailed report on risks and remedies.
  • ISO 27001 – procedural, system and technical assistance to help you achieve ISO 27001 compliance.

QuoStar really does understand security: our business and your business depend on it – the two are interlocked. It is our reputation for delivering secure systems on which we typically build our current relationships with customers and attain new ones. Whatever your security requirements we would be glad to discuss them with you confidentially.

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