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QuoStar’s hosted telephone system provides your business with a fully resilient, secure and HD voice solution with built-in business continuity, offering significant cost savings and a flexible approach.

All telephony switching equipment is hosted at our military-grade, ultra-secure UK data centres and delivered over our IP network direct to your offices.

Whether staff are working in the office, on the go or hot desking they will receive the same functionality, allowing them to work more efficiently and easily collaborate.

Hosted telephony puts you in control of your business communications, with an easy web interface for administrative controls and additional security features such as call monitoring, call recording and call barring.

Moving to our hosted telephony system could not be easier. We are highly experienced and specialise in zero-downtime migrations, so we can ensure your telephony transition is as simple and straightforward as possible.

The benefits of hosted telephony

  • Easy setup – Users can get started immediately with preconfigured handsets. Simply plug the phone into the network and it will work immediately.
  • Scalable – Your hosted telephony service flexes with you. Grow or shrink the number of users required and only pay for what you use.
  • Fully managed – No PBX, no ISDN line, no maintenance and no hassle
  • Reduced Cost – No hardware investment, no maintenance or running costs – and reduced call costs as well
  • Centralised Control – Easy to use web interface provides powerful administrative control and user information
  • Extensive features list – Including extension numbers, auto attendant, voicemail, announcements, receptionist calls, DDI’s, missed call notifications and call queues
  • Enhanced Security – Prevent users from making unapproved call types and monitor their call history. You can also record inbound or outbound calls for compliance, customer service or auditing
  • Flexible – Works with a variety of handsets, including Cisco and Polycom, with expansion units and conference phones also available
  • Facilitates mobile working – Whether you’re in the office or working from home, you can take your call anywhere. You are not tied to a single device or location.

Why choose QuoStar for hosted telephony

  • Highly experienced in migrating organisations to IP telephony
  • Experts in zero-downtime migration – ensuring your move to cloud telephony is hassle free
  • UK-based technical support
  • Military grade, ultra-secure and highly available UK data centres

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