Creating a CRM Culture

Why Simply Purchasing a CRM System Will Not Deliver Results


Date: Thursday 27th January 2022
Time: 1pm BST
Format: Microsoft Teams

Many businesses assume that as soon as they implement a CRM System, they will see their sales and marketing capabilities (and results) rise immediately. When these results fail to appear, then the project is dismissed as a failure and becomes an expensive 'Address Book' - or even falls into disuse.

A CRM System is a piece of technology, and like all technology, it cannot deliver results by itself. Businesses need to have the right strategy to achieve results and ROI. Building the right culture is key and this needs to be modelled first at the executive level and then rolled out to the rest of the business.

In this informative discussion, QuoStar CEO, Robert Rutherford, and Head of Consultancy, Chris White, will talk about how to look beyond the technology part of CRM Systems and achieve a successful implementation with the right culture.

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  • Why is a CRM System important?
  • How to drive buy-in for the initiative at board level
  • What does the right culture look like?
  • Strategies for managing the roll-out and implementation
  • Creating a lasting culture change
  • Top mistakes to avoid

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Chris White, Head of Consultancy at QuoStar

Head of Consultancy

Robert Rutherford, QuoStar CEO

Chief Executive Officer