IT Strategy for Law Firms


Format: Webinar

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, law firms are under pressure to continually improve their operations and deliver an enhanced experience for clients. While firms can leverage technology to do this, it's vital that they are investing wisely, intentionally and with purpose - especially given the current commercial landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Before responding to requests for new tech or cutting edge IT solutions, law firm business and IT leaders must understand and plan for change. There must be an IT strategy in place, which aligns with the business's direction and overall growth strategy, which will enable strategic decision making.

By watching this webinar, law firm business and IT leaders will learn about the strategic role of IT and how it should be organised. It will provide an introduction to how law firms can begin to develop their own IT strategy and areas they should consider and evaluate.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The role of IT in a law firm
  • The strategic importance of IT and developing an IT Strategy
  • How mid-market firms typically organise IT, including governance
  • Trends in legal IT
  • The use of data in law firms

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Chris White, Head of Consultancy at QuoStar

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