Going Beyond Technology

The Critical Role of your People in Cyber-Security


Date: Thursday 29th July 2021
Time: 1pm BST
Format: Microsoft Teams

With cyber-attacks increasing frequency and sophistication, businesses need to ensure they have multiple layers of security in place to defend their systems and data. While budgets for technical solutions may be on the rise, there is one critical weakness most businesses are overlooking - their employees. Not only does research show that employees are responsible, in some way, for nearly half of hacks, but 40% of employees also wouldn't report a security incident either. This poses a huge potential risk for your business.

Join us for this live webinar to understand the human element of cyber-security and the steps you can take to address and strengthen it. David Clarke, Head of Security, and Chris White, Head of Consultancy, will show you how to identify the risks, assess and score them, and take the appropriate mitigating actions.

In this live webinar we will cover:

  • Overview of the current threat landscape and the top security risks to be aware of
  • The ransomware pandemic
  • Why technology alone does not provide effective protection
  • The ‘human layer’ of security
  • Effective risk management
  • How to identify, score, control, and mitigate risk
  • How to build a security-aware culture

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Chris White, Head of Consultancy at QuoStar

Head of Consultancy

David Clarke

Head of Security