IT Strategy

How to Build the Right Culture to Accelerate Digital Transformation


Format: Webinar

Technology and strategy are key for digital transformation, but achieving buy-in across the business (from colleagues to senior leadership) is just as vital. Businesses that ignore culture risk transformation failure, but those who focus on it are 5x more likely to achieve breakthrough performance.

Join QuoStar's Head of Consultancy, Chris White, to learn how to create a strong digital culture to deliver a successful transformation.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The role culture plays in digital transformation
  • Common digital culture issues and deficiencies
  • What the right culture looks like
  • How to achieve buy-in for transformation initiatives at board level
  • How to engage in conversation across the business
  • Actionable advice and guidance on how to create a lasting culture change

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Chris White, Head of Consultancy at QuoStar

Head of Consultancy