10 things every business leader needs to know for successful business continuity planning

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May 17th, 2017

Business Continuity planning is the process of creating a strategy which identifies and documents risks to a company and outlines processes of prevention and recovery. It ensures that, in the event of a disruption, disaster or accident, personnel and assets are protected and able to function normally.

It should include steps to take before, during and after an event to maintain business operations and financial viability. Business continuity planning is essential for companies of all sizes. However, unfortunately, many still aren’t getting it right. Companies continue to suffer IT outages which should be avoidable or easy to recover from.

There are several reasons for weaknesses in current business continuity plans, such as underestimating risk and failing to test and review plans. Although nobody likes to think about “what if” situations, it is critical that business leaders understand the threats.

We have put together this infographic which provides an introduction to business continuity. It details 10 crucial areas business leaders must assess and understand in order to create a successful plan.


A 10 point basic Business Continuity plan checklist for business leaders