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The Background.

The Business Challenge

Phillips Solicitors were facing a difficult challenge with transitioning legacy data to a new practice case management system. There was no specific data transition tool available and this was a bespoke project due to the age of the database. With a short window of opportunity to complete the work, aiming to do it on time and in full, with data quality and integrity kept intact, seemed problematic.

The Transformation

QuoStar worked with Phillips Solicitors and the chosen software vendor to build a bespoke middleware solution to automate the transfer of their data quickly and efficiently, whilst taking full responsibility for data accuracy.

The Key Benefits and Results.

  • Immediacy – The data transfer took less than one day, saving the Head of IT weeks of data input and editing.
  • Accuracy – All data was extracted in full, enabling the chosen software vendor to start working immediately on the transition.
  • Stress-Free – QuoStar worked closely with Phillips Solicitors on the project end-to-end, saving the firm considerable time as well as the stress of data accuracy.
  • Timely – Ensured the firm was fully transitioned and accessible ahead of the transfer deadline, preventing the firm from incurring additional fees.

The Problem.

The firm had a wealth of data, including over five years’ worth of archives, which needed to be converted from an old Progress database to a transitional SQL format. The software vendor normally only offered a csv. file transition but Phillips Solicitors decided they wanted a more comprehensive data transfers and had been unable to find an acceptable partner for a resolution.

If the data transition failed, it would mean that the data would need to be manually transferred, sifting through 1000’s of records to manually input them into the new system and amending small details which had not transferred correctly, which would cost potentially weeks’ of time.

To add further pressure, the firm also had an impending switchover deadline that they were unlikely to be able to meet without a solution that would automatically and correctly transfer the data.

The QuoStar Solution.

Following technical discussions with Phillips Solicitors and the software vendor, QuoStar’s developers, with a lot of hard work and research, built a bespoke solution that was able to extract all the data contained within the old database. The migration itself took less than one day to complete and all the data arrived perfectly, enabling the software vendor to insert all the data on to the new platform. Fee earners were able to start working from the new system immediately without any concerns of data quality or data loss.

QuoStar took the lead on the project, liaising directly with the software vendor on behalf of Phillips Solicitors and working closely with the Head of IT to fill the knowledge gap. The successful outcome of the data transition saved the firm valuable time and the stress of ensuring data accuracy, as QuoStar guaranteed the delivery and results to the required specification.

“The chance contact from QuoStar happened at a perfect time. They listened to the challenge we were facing and got straight to work with me on a complete resolution. The developer I worked with was so flexible in ensuring the tight required deadline was met and helped guide the challenging project to arrive on time and in full. I couldn’t speak more highly of him.” Mike Worth, Head of IT.

About Phillips Solicitors

Phillips Solicitors is a leading law firm in Basingstoke, Hampshire, offering a range of services for businesses and individuals including Company and Commercial Law, Employment Law, Commercial and Residential Property, Family Law, Litigation and Mediation and Wills and Probate. Founded in 1986, the firm has grown to over 50 employees.

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