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The Background.

Note: – Company name withheld for confidentiality purposes. Full details are available on request with client approval.

This Medical Reporting Organisation (MRO) was created to deliver a fast, efficient and cost effective service for obtaining high quality medical reports to provide to solicitors, insurance companies and others involved in all types of personal injury claims and litigation, including clinical negligence. The company has over 3,000 doctors in its database covering most medical specialties.

The Key Benefits and Results.

  • Increased operational efficiency by 83%
  • Profit increased due to increased efficiency
  • A clear and measurable ROI figure
  • Integration with existing platforms
  • Virtually no training requirements

The Problem.

MRO handle the allocation and scheduling of medical experts to personal injury matters as well as the receipt and transfer of medical reports to solicitors and court proceedings.

MRO had a process based operation which was heavily reliant on manual input and output; the processes followed did not minimise the risk of errors and required users to manually change the output based on criteria already input. One new matter or an update to a matter was taking on average 11 minutes to process and the team was at capacity; MRO wanted to expand without incurring additional overheads to handle additional work already in the pipeline.

MRO wanted QuoStar to help them (1) increase throughput without increasing the number of staff, (2) provide a full audit trail of communications and actions, and (3) minimise exposure to risk from incorrect information being input or sent out.

The QuoStar Solution.

QuoStar were able to analyse the process followed and identified a number of key areas where improvements could be made:

  • New matters and updates came in electronic format but were either being copied and pasted or manually typed into the system; this was a slow process and could lead to mistakes.

QuoStar were able to develop an import tool that extracted the information from the Word templates and populated the Case Management System.

  • During the “Expert” selection process users had to enter another database to search for an expert to assign to the matter and then reference this information within the Case Management System, this again was a time consuming task.

QuoStar redeveloped MRO’s Expert Database so that it fully integrated within their Case Management System and where possible suggested a suitable Expert based on proximity and experience.

  • Letters that were sent out to clients and experts had a generic template with content that supported multiple matter types; the user was required to delete content that was irrelevant or add additional content manually. The letters were then printed or sent via email and attached to the case, another laborious task due to the number of clicks required to attach the letter to the matter and send via the inbuilt email client. For ease of use letters were saved in Word so that they could be edited, however this did not keep an accurate audit trail.

QuoStar developed MRO a Letter Template system that extracted and merged all variable data from the Case Management System with structured data and streamlined the process for emailing or printing and attaching the letter to the matter. The letter could no longer be edited and if amendments needed to be made these were done through the system allowing for an audit trail to be kept.

The development work has reduced the 11 minute input to 6 minutes allowing for capacity to be almost doubled without increasing the number of employees.

Subsequently QuoStar and MRO’s key clients are working together to further integrate their business systems with MRO, thus streamlining the processes further to provide true end to end automation without manual intervention.

The client feedback :-

We’ve been working for QuoStar for many years and the relationship really does work. They work with us as part of our business and thus are able to advise on improvements, beyond the day-to-day IT outsourcing.

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