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The Background.

DEK is the world’s leading provider of screen printing equipment and processes for diverse industries, from surface mount technology (SMT) and semiconductors, to fuel cell and solar cell manufacture. It operates from over 20 offices globally. DEK had an aged estate of printers throughout the primary operations and manufacturing site in the UK.

The Key Benefits and Results.

  • Installation of reliable and resilient hardware throughout the site with an embedded ‘follow-me’ print solution for 100% service availability.
  • An immediate saving of 15% made by reducing all cost per copies across the board and standardising the new cost per copy.
  • Secure print release further reduced costs by an additional 30% whilst also increasing security.
  • A ‘follow-me’ print solution paid for itself within just 3 months of install and is now showing considerable savings.
  • Centralisation of print enabled control and complete visibility for the IT team, thus also improving their efficiency.
  • Freed up the IT Help Desk to attend other IT related issues by reducing all print related calls by 60%.
  • Installed over two days with zero downtime to the business throughout the duration, with no negative feedback from all 350 users on the site.
  • Automated toner ordering and ‘phone home’ capability when an engineer is required.

The Problem.

DEK had an aged estate of hardware from MFD’s to desktop printers. The company found themselves relying more and more on the desktop printers because the reliability of the MFD’s had severely decreased. With no print solution currently used DEK were also wasting tremendous amounts of paper with prints often being left on the device or thrown away. In conclusion, something as simple as ‘file and print’ had become a pain for the end users and IT teams as well as an increasing operating expense for the business.

The QuoStar Solution.

QuoStar conducted an audit of DEK, assessing print stats and user routine combined. It was clear that the business was ready to embrace the concept of secure ‘follow-me’ printing and the IT team wanted a way of controlling the print from a centralised location. The solution comprised of Kyocera devices, embedded with a PaperCut solution which utilised DEK’s existing door entry security cards. This solution replaced five MFDs and some 20 desktop printers with five larger Kyocera devices strategically placed throughout the building. Included in this solution was a personalised scan to email solution to enhance the scanning workflow in the business. The install was carefully planned and carried out so there was absolutely no down time incurred by the business and very little user training required.

The IT team at DEK were duly cautious with this install, as previous print related installs had caused issues. However, through the partnership between QuoStar and Kyocera the team at DEK found themselves pleasantly surprised. Steve Sheriff, Global Infrastructure Manager, stated, “In the 15 years I have worked at DEK never have we installed something without even a grumble, until now”. Ian Bleazard, CIO, agreed with this comment and concluded the discussion with, “this has been a very successful project”. The IT team found the concept of secure print had been fully embraced by the end users and no complaints followed the removal of their desktops.

DEK, now five months on, and following their second account review were also pleased to announce reports showed a 60% decrease in all print related calls to the help desk thus freeing up the team to attend other priorities.

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