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At QuoStar, we are different.  Our capabilities and services may be similar to other global outsource organisations but ours are humanised, and they are flexible. We genuinely care about our customers and take our service and performance very seriously. We are looking for long-term relationships where we are both investing in and benefiting from success. To us, it’s all about partnerships.
We are not looking to tie you into contractual knots and to pull every penny out of your business. We want to understand your business, we want to deliver you clear results, and we want to build a mutually beneficial relationship.
Here's an overview of our IT Outsourcing approach for Business Leaders:-
Continual Consultancy icon  
Continual Consultancy

Business and IT can both be complex and both can change rapidly. As our customer base is so diverse, our business and IT consulting teams need to stay at the forefront of innovation and new thinking. All of our outsourcing customers have direct lines into our consulting teams to discuss any matter. Regular consulting reviews also help to structure this approach.

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No Risk

We'll guarantee you won't experience any pain moving away from your current arrangements to QuoStar. We are the experts at zero downtime on operations and service. We pride ourselves on our total satisfaction record after every service take-on.

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No Sales

As an outsourcing customer, you can be assured that you will not be account managed by a salesperson. If we ever make a recommendation for investment, there will be a clear and obvious business case for it. We manage your operations as if they were our own; you pay us to look after your interests.

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Results Focused

You need to be able to demonstrate value for money in your investment in your IT service. Our continual investment and regular reporting will clearly demonstrate the value we deliver to your organisation.

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We cannot continually develop and improve your business – or our own – unless we consistently work to best-practice frameworks, such as ISO 27001 (IT Security) and ITIL/ISO 2000 (IT Service Management). We don't wear our accreditations as badges of honour; they are tools to ensure that we deliver improvements in your business and our own.

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We understand that you need your IT systems to be running 24x7x365. You may also need your people to be working 24x7x365, which means that you need your IT outsourcing partner to be available. We are always available, whenever and wherever you need us. We understand that business in now global and that IT is the enabler, and so we have competent people who are ready, willing and able to assist you whenever you need them.

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To give your company a competitive edge, we need to work hard on the research and development of our own operations and expertise. At QuoStar we are top-heavy, meaning that we don't employ inexperienced and unqualified staff. We use a greater percentage of senior engineers and consultants to alleviate the need for you to raise incidents with us.

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We will always have the resources you need to support IT within your business, since we have numerous overlapping teams with the right skills and experience of your systems and your business in place. We can provide a full-service nationally, and where required internationally.

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We understand that you and your staff will have different attitudes and competencies. Whatever your level, we'll make our communication clear. Communication is key to a long-term relationship and we will always manage your expectations. We'll meet regularly with you to demonstrate our mutual successes and to improve our understanding of your business and its objectives.

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IT outsourcing is in effect the core of our business. Our national and international customer-base is as vast and diverse as the technologies and systems that we use. This experience, backed up by world-recognised qualifications and demonstrable success, ensures that you are in competent hands.

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We are rigorous in our recruitment to ensure that we get the best-educated minds with the right experience and the right attitude. Attitude is just important as intelligence, and our engineers and consultants need to have both, with no exceptions. You need to be able to just pick up the phone and know for certain that the person who answers will take ownership of your request.

To find out further information or to talk through your requirements with an analyst in further detail, without any obligation please call +44(0)8456 440 331 or email us.

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