Storage of data is an ever-growing problem by its very nature. QuoStar's storage consulting team specialise in the design and build of complex storage solutions for organisations of all sizes, both using existing systems and where appropriate new technologies.

Whatever your storage requirements then do speak to us. Here are a few examples of typical work we undertake in relation to data storage consultancy:

Storage Audit

A storage audit will give you a detailed understanding of where you are today in relation to your data storage. This will cover areas such as your storage systems and configurations, how and where data is stored, internal processes, backup and archiving. A report will be generated detailing your environment along with any recommendations for improvement – where applicable.

Data Analysis

We'll analyse the data you are storing throughout your environment, identifying items such as duplicate files, non-business related files, and old redundant data. We can then advise on solutions to your issues, from technical solutions for better control and management of your data through to improving your operations and workflow.

Storage Design and Build

When required QuoStar can design and/or build you the right storage infrastructure to manage your data effectively. As always we are vendor independent and utilise technologies such as SANs (Storage Area Networks), NAS (Network Attached Storage), Tape Devices, Archiving Systems, Online Backups and Data Deduplication (Dedupe) solutions.

Whatever your requirements in relation to data and storage systems then contact QuoStar for a no-obligation chat with a consultant. Initial discussions are of course free of charge and we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your business and its requirements.


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