System Monitoring

Benefits Summary

  • Monitor the health and responsiveness of your IT systems
  • Monitor the performance of your third-party suppliers
  • Identify problems before they impact business
  • Automate response and fix of issues
  • Alert via email, SMS or phone

System Monitoring

Monitoring a complete IT environment is a difficult task, even for companies with small IT setups, mainly due to the vast amounts of variables that lie within an IT infrastructure that could go wrong. There is a wealth of monitoring systems on the market but they tend to target one specific vendor or application, very often with a large price tag.

The QuoStar Remote Monitoring service is a feature rich, managed, pro-active monitoring and reporting service, which monitors events, pre-empting, conditions which are likely to lead to system downtime. What's more in many instances it will actually resolve issues automatically.

The QuoStar Remote Monitoring system can check a wide range of components and services on your Internet-facing IT infrastructure and internal network, such as routers, network switches, websites, firewalls, etc. The system can also monitor your server systems, continually checking services, applications, backups and event logs.

When an event occurs within your infrastructure, QPM will alert you via email or SMS. In many situations the QPM system can actually resolve incidents itself by triggering other applications, restarting system services or running scripts.

IT Managers

IT Managers - Relax with peace of mind that all your key systems are being watched over. If there's a problem or there's likely to be a problem then you'll know about it.

Small Businesses without internal IT staff - Use the system to just keep you aware of any issues or potential issues with your IT environment - from just ensuring your backups are working through to making sure your website is up.

The Services

  • No hardware or software costs – totally outsourced.
  • Gain complete vision of the status of your IT environment
  • Monitor any network-attached device
  • Automatically resolve incidents before they impact business
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality

Further Information

As with all of QuoStar's hosted services the system is our own and it runs within our own environment. This means we can tailor it to any requirement. So, if you have a requirement that you feel is a bit different or if you are left scratching your head then do speak to us. We use the system to manage all of our service customers and our own internal systems so it has to be the best.

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