Online Storage

Benefit Summary

  • Flexible online storage on demand
  • Scale up and down at will to suit your operations
  • Access via FTP, NFS, ISCSI and SCP/SFTP
  • Fully secure within our ISO 27001 compliant facilities
  • Use it for backup, replication or simple file storage

Online Storage

QuoStar Cloud Storage services are perfect for short-term and long-term data storage requirements. If you have a need for online data storage then QuoStar have a vast range of options for you to choose from. Whatever your reasons and whatever your storage requirements we will already have the right solution - and if we don’t then we certainly have the skills, experience and facilities to build it for you.

Who is it suitable for?

If you are IT Manager or a Developer who requires online storage that is fast, secure and flexible then our QuoStar Cloud Storage is a sensible solution. You may just want some space for a secure FTP site, a file store for a website or perhaps a replication target for a DR solution. If you need us to back it up or replicate it to another location then we can also do that.

The Service

We can provide access to your remote file storage via FTP, NFS, ISCSI or SCP/SFTP. You can then use your operating systems or applications of your choice to access your data and move it around at will. It's also scalable, so we adjust your storage allocation on demand and on-the-fly – to suit your individual requirements.

We allow you to access your online data storage in numerous ways:

  • FTP – Use the old but trusted protocol to store and access your files and folder
  • SCP/SFTP – Similar to FTP but with encrypted communications by default
  • NFS – Allows you to mount file systems remotely
  • ISCSI – Similar to NFS but considerably faster – often dedicated for servers

Our data storage systems are of the standard you'd expect of QuoStar, in short they are stored on leading vendor storage networks within one of our enterprise-class secure data centres.

You may need to back up your online storage. You can either do this yourself or we can automatically back it up for you – within the data centre, to another data centre or even back to your offices. This can be completely tailored to suit your requirements.

Further information

If your storage requirement doesn’t fit into one of our core products then we can always create a bespoke solution for you. We have all the facilities, resources and technical expertise to build storage solutions to pretty much fit any requirement. We always like to talk through scenarios on a technical and operational level so please do get in touch.

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