Hosted Desktop

Benefits Summary

  • Your IT service delivered from ‘the cloud’:
  • A familiar Windows desktop environment
  • Access to all your applications & more
  • No more server hardware or software costs
  • Free yourself from your desktop PC
  • Enterprise-class infrastructure & security
  • Technical & strategic IT support
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • All on a flat per user per month fee

QuoStar Hosted Desktop is a flexible, hassle-free, future-proof IT solution that delivers business-critical applications over the Internet.

Hosted Desktop is a proven service technology that QuoStar has been delivering to progressive customers for many years. It is a straightforward cloud-based IT solution that contrasts distinctly with the complexity of conventional commercial IT solutions.

Migrating to QuoStar Hosted Desktop services lets businesses scale their IT resources up and down rapidly, adding or removing new users as commercial demand dictates, while a flat monthly fee per user keeps complete control of costs for easy budgeting.

Who is it suitable for?

Any small and medium-sized organisation that need to remain responsive and agile without the burden of any IT capital investment.

The service

QuoStar Hosted Desktop presents a familiar Windows environment for users to gain instant access to business applications across the Internet. Class-leading Internet connectivity to the secure QuoStar hosting centre ensures that the experience is indistinguishable to running programs locally. Users’ desktops can also be individually tailored to provide access to any off-the-shelf or bespoke applications.

Deployed on QuoStar’s own resilient enterprise-class infrastructure expressly built from the ground up, QuoStar Hosted Desktop incorporates multi-level security and safeguard technologies to ensure data integrity, intrusion prevention and 100% uptime. It represents the optimum solution for flexibility and guaranteed business continuity.


  • Business focus: more than a helpdesk, gain access to the whole QuoStar IT team from engineer to director level. We get to know you and your business
  • Ownership: we don’t resell. The entire QuoStar Hosted Desktop infrastructure is built, managed and owned by QuoStar. We continually invest and over-engineer to make it the best
  • Expertise: benefit from our experience gained delivering hosted services for many years. QuoStar consults to large enterprises at technical and strategic levels – you gain access to that knowledge
  • Flexibility: as Hosted Desktop is QuoStar owned, we can tailor it to meet exact requirements. Whatever you do or however you grow, QuoStar Hosted Desktop can fit
  • Scalability: Add or remove users, applications and service at will. QuoStar Hosted Desktop scales up and down rapidly to match your business needs at any moment
  • Quality: we only use leading and proven branded hardware in our QuoStar Hosted Desktop infrastructure. We run our internal operations to ISO standards to ensure we measure, control and continually improve – all backed up by certifications
  • Commitment: QuoStar Hosted Desktop is a personal service. We have a reputation for building successful long-term relationships. Our 100% customer retention is a testament to this

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We’ve been delivering these services long before the term ‘Cloud’ was coined. So when you choose QuoStar, you’ll get experienced professionals who’ll help you every step of the way. What’s more, our Cloud Services are easy to set-up so please contact us and we can talk to you about how quickly you could benefit.

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